Probate & Trust Administration

Losing a loved one is stressful and emotional. Having to navigate probate or trust administration at the same time can be overwhelming. At Legacy Law Planning we are here to help you through this difficult time with sensitivity, knowledgeable advice, and efficient administration.

Probate Administration in Michigan is not necessarily a lengthy or expensive process. The probate court offers different options for transferring assets; depending on the size of the estate, some options take only a few weeks and most do not require you to appear in court. At Legacy Law Planning we will assist you through the shortest and least expensive probate process available.

Trust Administration can be a confusing process for both the beneficiary who wants to know his or her rights and for the individual appointed as trustee who is charge with properly administering the Trust assets. Michigan law has specific steps that must be taken to properly administer a trust and to avoid liability as a trustee. Whether you want a one-time consult to get specific questions answered, or you want complete management of the trust administration process, we at Legacy Law Planning are here to help you through the process with efficiency and an appropriate balance of sensitivity and zealous advocacy.