Medicaid Planning & Elder Care

Elders, and their loved ones, now face numerous issues that no generation before has faced. We can help guide you through skyrocketing long-term care costs, outliving retirement funds, and dealing with new and varied competency issues.

By focusing our practice on Elder & Estate Law, we have the requisite knowledge and experience to help you navigate the issues of Medicaid and Long-Term Care Planning for the elderly.

Medicaid and Long-Term Care Planning involves protecting the assets you’ve worked hard for from being drained for long-term care or ending up in the hands of the government.

With the ever-increasing cost of long-term care, most individuals in, or considering, a nursing facility need government assistance through the Medicaid program to pay for their care. The eligibility requirements for this type of Medicaid are complicated and change frequently. Only an attorney experienced and trained in Medicaid planning should help you navigate the application process.

Attorney Solis-Mullen has years of experience and training in Medicaid planning; to-date, she has a 100% approval rate for her Medicaid-applicant clients. At Legacy Law Planning, you will also have the assistance of our staff social worker, Ashley Payne, and our Medicaid Coordinator, Angie Branigan. Comprehensive, effective legal assistance can save an applicant, their spouse, and their heirs from impoverishment, protecting the family assets now and for the future.

So whether you’re planning for a potential care need many years in the future or are already in a nursing facility, we at Legacy Law Planning have the experience and staff to help you every step of the way.

Guardianship and Conservatorship proceedings are sometimes necessary when a loved one has reached the point at which they are no longer able to manage their finances or make decisions for themselves. Dealing with the court system in order to be appointed as guardian or conservator can be overwhelming. At Legacy Law Planning we will simplify the process for you and will always prioritize the dignity of your loved one.