Assets Protection & Wealth Planning

Estates often have unique circumstances that require us to explore planning techniques to protect assets from outsiders or to work collaboratively with other professionals to manage and plan for your wealth.

Asset Protection involves a number of planning techniques that can shelter assets from creditors, divorce, and bankruptcy, either for you or for your ultimate beneficiaries. Asset Protection also involves avoiding tax liability at death and protecting assets from estate recovery by the State of Michigan. Some Asset Protection techniques are also used to prevent assets from being wasted or misspent by a spendthrift beneficiary after you pass away. You’ve worked hard for what you have, and we can help you make sure your assets don’t end up in the wrong hands.

Wealth Planning involves planning for the transfer of assets such as investment accounts, business interests, family farms, and real estate, in a manner that avoids tax liability, costly post-death administration, intra-family conflict, and waste of assets by beneficiaries. Wealth Planning can also involve specialized planning for charitable giving in order to maximize your estate and minimize tax consequences. At Legacy Law Planning we will take the time to learn and assess your personal situation and goals, and work closely with your financial advisor and CPA to formulate and execute a plan that fits your goals.